Honobe Electric Co., Ltd.
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History of our company
September 1972 Found Honobe electric shokai for electric and its material as a wholesaler in 4cyome Seiiku Jyoto-ku
October 1976 Established Honobe denki Co,Ltd., of annual turnover 300 million yen and purchased property of company's possession in December 1976
September 1987 Started dealing with rental shop, D.I.Y shop and discount store.
purchased property of company's possession that is current office in December 1987
May 1988 World Super Big Shop has established
(3cyome Furuichi Jyoto-ku , 200 tsubo)
April 1989 Head office has moved from 3cyome Seiiku to 3cyoume Furuichi
August 1989 Purchased of adjoining land. ( Use as a storage)
June 1993 Expansion of the head office and the Big Shop Found import business in November
April 1994 Our own brand 'HNB' has launched
March 1999 Okinawa office has inaugurated. Our own brand 'BOOS' has launched.
Taiwan(Taipei) branch office has established in December.
March 2002 Okinawa office has established and moved out from its temporary
(current Okinawa office)
Chinese cooperative factory has established
October 2003 Bigshop shifted to the business on internet Expansion of the head office in November.
February 2004 The head office has been remodeled
March 2005 Fukuoka office has established Plan to expand of the business on internet in September 2005
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